MS Bike Tour

I am riding in the 2010 MS 150 "Escape to the Lake" with my team, Vocollect Bluestreak[1]. It's a two-day 150-mile ride from suburban Pittsburgh to Lake Erie. It's a pretty big event -- in past years nearly 1500 cyclists rode and many other volunteer support staff participated, raising over $800,000 for MS research.

I rode in 2006 and wrote a few notes, but I just noticed I didn't include any praise for the support and organization of the ride, which was just awesome. (I also rode last year and the support remained fantastic.) Following the roads was ridiculously easy (lots of guides, plus with so many people on the ride there's always someone else to follow), and they had gobs of water, gatorade and snacks every 15 miles or so.

I'll be atop my newer[2] touring bike (Cannondale T1000, which does not have the ability to morph into any person it touches). While I'm exercising at work many mornings and riding as often as I can while balancing work and being a dad, I'm learning that my 40 year-old body doesn't take to exercise like it used to. But I know from last year that enough things will come together to get me to the end.

As the name implies, the MS 150 is a charity event, so I'm hitting people up for money. Every little bit helps, don't be shy to just pony up $5 or so -- it's all going to a good cause. So you can:

  • Sponsor me online through the National MS Society
  • Send me money through Paypal and I'll put your name on the list. (Send to email:
  • Send me a check to my snailmail address (if you need this, email me).

Thanks again, and wish me luck!

[1] "Bluestreak" is the name of the speech recognition engine in the Talkman. Plus, it sounds really cool.

[2] "newer" for me means less than 15 years old.